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UCI Estimator

Our employees are trained on safe operating procedures, and site specific job duties to ensure compliance with all legislation and aid in providing a safe work environment.


Always committed to maintaining a competitive price, we are proud to announce the development of the latest precise quoting software.


UCIEstimator generates lawn care and snow removal analyses by taking into account tasks to be done and their frequencies as well as the nature and area of the property, therefore providing operational costs for any given property. Other data is also taken into account to produce a relevant and consistent analysis.

UCIEstimator is composed of three modules: Assess, IQ and Analysis.

  • Assess – The Assess module contains all the relevant information pertaining to the building required for tender.
  • IQ – The IQ module contains our Group’s knowledge and skills. Data included in this module allows for the creation of a customized proposal for any given facility.
  • Analysis – This module calculates cleaning tasks and operational costs, and provides the required documentation. Clients may participate in their proposal evaluation. It is also possible to analyse data from several proposals.

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One point contact means that you and your business are always our first priority.


Our approach is simple– we strive to WOW our clients on every job, every time.

Universal Cleaners Inc. continues to grow leaps and bounds. Servicing some of Canada’s most reputable chains and franchise retail stores – adding new contracts and still maintaining a healthy relationship with our partners who helped us become who we are. 

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Our approach is simple– we strive to WOW our clients on every job, every time.