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Universal Cleaners Inc. continuously revisits existing partnered accounts to assure best practices are applied.


Operational Plan

Every account in our Organization is considered a Project at work. The purpose for such assessment is due to ever evolving processes and change in legislature. Universal Cleaners Inc. continuously revisits existing partnered accounts to assure best practices are applied.  Our Company approach overall is reliant on understanding the required services to be rendered, the Health, Safety and Environmental risks at hand and a high level of communication plus coordination of all parties involved in the provision of services.


The following steps would need to be adhered to and be seamless at all times in order to achieve a positive impact on all accounts:


  • The scope of services is identified
  • The “points of pain” by the Client are reviewed
  • Evaluation of Health and Safety risks
  • Environmental considerations
  • Staffing considerations
  • Identification of Equipment and Supplies required to furnish the labour
  • Identifying immediate actions required to service the account
  • Develop a Start-Up Action Plan and review with Client
  • Execute action plans and targets set with the Client
  • Establish timelines for Management inspections, tours and periodic meetings with Client

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Operational Plan Steps

Step 1. Identification & Evaluation:

UCI Business Development accompanied with the Operations Manager meets with the Prospective Client to discuss and learn about the type, scope and frequency of service that the client is seeking to be serviced for. This step will also allow the Client to identify “points of pain” that have been ongoing with their existing service provider so that they can be eliminated.  Lists of the positive points are also documented in order to assure continued standard with UCI. This formal introduction process also allows the prospective client to learn more and ask about our Organization. During this meeting UCI will identify and evaluate the impact any Legislature may have for managing such an account. A thorough evaluation of the Environmental risks which may arise along with a detailed understanding towards Health and Safety for our staff while servicing the prospective account. An Evaluation of Equipment, Materials and Staff required is also identified in detail to assist us in providing you with the most accurate pricing

Step 2. Estimation:

UCI Business Development will determine if the prospective Client falls within our risk guidelines for provision of services and if so commences the process for pricing using our UCI Estimator software (which considers the type of work requested, scope, frequencies, cost on consumables/chemicals and Legislative fringe costs).

Step 3. Conclusion:

UCI Business Development along with the Operations manager reviews the step 3 estimation process with the Client and provides a proposal for services along with pricing. *UCI procures the Clients services and moves to step 4.

Step 4. Execution:

The Operations Manager begins to arrange the delivery of all equipment, supplies and materials required to furnish the service.  The Operations Manager will also review with the site Supervisor and Staff of their Job Routines, Health & Safety practice/guideline, and frequency of tasks. UCI Management will also arrange training on any new equipment to be delivered on site and assures that all staff is familiar and understands the UCI audit program.

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