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 Benefits Of A Professional Landscaping Service & Why Every Business Needs One

Benefits Of A Professional Landscaping Service & Why Every Business Needs One

Professional Office Cleaning Services Hamilton Universal Cleaners IncIn 2017, Greater Toronto added 69,700 jobs and central Ontario (which includes the tech powerhouse of Waterloo) added 57,200 with many sectors bringing in a fresh round of hiring and investment – we’re seeing more companies reach out to us to take care of their offices, warehouses, and other facilities.

With dedicated and motivated crews throughout the Golden Horseshoe, we love that more Greater Hamilton area companies are choosing us to take care of their landscaping needs. We also love seeing more companies making smart investments in their professional environment.

Investments in your workplace – whether it’s a small clinic or a large corporate office – pay off, but often in ways that can be difficult to track via tangible metrics. It’s unlikely that cleaning your parking lot will result in a 20% increase in sales, for example. This can make it difficult to determine the type of impact a landscaping service can make to your bottom line.

Still, the numerous benefits realized by regular maintenance and landscaping are important and often overlooked.

What Benefits Does Regular Maintenance & Landscaping Offer Your Company?

Any workspace benefits considerably just from being maintained. Here’s how:Clean Office Professional Cleaning Universal Cleaners Inc

  • Employee productivity increases – About a year ago we posted about how workplace cleanliness increases employee productivity. This is not an isolated effect- it is well documented by many publications and statistical bodies from all over the world. Professional Landscaping and maintenance of your property encourages positivity.
  • Employees that work in well maintained facilities take less sick leave – If there’s one area that every business would love to see improve, it’s reducing the amount of sick-leave taken by employees.
  • A landscaped and maintained space positively influences customer perception –  Long story short: dirty parking lots and unmowed grass damages customer experiences and can negatively impact how their view your brand. Humans prefer tidy, well maintained spaces!
  • Professional reputation management – U.S. staffing firm, Adecco, found that not maintaining the exterior of your business not only harmed customer perception of you/your business, but peer respect as well.

If you’re running a business, you have too much on your plate to stop for landscaping and exterior maintenance. Universal Cleaners Inc. is there to WOW your employees and your clients EVERY job, EVERY time! Call us today to book a consultation – 905-745-7990

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